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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1.  What is a Social Media network? Describe StoryTree’s primary purpose?

A.  Social Media is a means in which people can interact, create, share, and exchange information and ideas in a virtual community network. StoryTree provides you with the forum to broaden perspectives and increase awareness through sharing life experiences, or stories, regarding a particular topic or cause that is meaningful, interesting, or passionate to you. 

Q2.  Why join StoryTree? 

 A.  StoryTree recognizes you have many choices on the internet to join different types of social media networks. We have provided a comfortable and safe environment to share stories and connect with like-minded people. The benefits of posting and sharing life experiences on StoryTree provides unlimited opportunities for interactions with others that can develop into new bonds and friendships, or even business connections, that will bring personal, career, and spiritual growth.

 Q3.  How can I join StoryTree today?

 A.  Just click on the StoryTree Members icon on the sidebar or various links located throughout the site and follow the instructions. Join StoryTree FREE to receive notifications of new story postings and updates on our Community Events Calendar. You do not have to be a member to read and post stories, or otherwise enjoy our website.  

 Q4.  What makes StoryTree different from other Social Media Networks?

A.  Many social networks limit your self-expression by suggesting adherence to a conformed structure, formatting, and topic of discussion. At StoryTree, we want you to share the personal story that is meaningful to you. You decide the subject and position your story appropriately in the category that will best foster connections with those of similar life experiences. We strive for relationships developed within StoryTree to prove much deeper and personal than comparable social media sites. 

 Q5.  How much time should I expect to spend writing? How much should I write?

 A.  The amount of time you spend or how much you write is entirely up to you. You decide the level of involvement you want or need. In posting your story, you are allowed a gracious 2500 words. This is your space to express and share in your own way. The detail and time allotted is determined by you. 

 Q6.   Why should I consider a Pass-the-Hat contribution? 

A.  StoryTree chooses to operate without excessive advertisement on our site. We aim to provide an on-line continuous environment that allows a concentrated focus for our users to share meaningful content and thoughtful expressions.  The limited products or services that we may feature will always have our subscribers' best interest in mind and be promoted in a non-intrusive, tasteful manner.  We ask for minimal donations from our followers to help with the cost of operating our site without the typical inundation of distracting ads. Whatever you can afford is appreciated.

 Q7.   How long does my membership last?  How do I renew my membership?

 A. Your membership at StoryTree last one year and automatically renews every year thereafter. There are no associated membership fees. You may cancel with written notification at anytime to stop receiving our updates and emails.   More information can be found in our Terms of Service agreement.

 Q8.   How do I find stories that interest me?

 A.  StoryTree gives you a variety of story Categories and search features to find stories you like.  Reading stories that interest you may inspire you to blog publicly or eventually request a Growth Partner relationship with an author to gain personal insight on a particular topic or posted article.

 Q9.   When can I write and share my story?

A.   You can submit a story immediately via our Post-A-Story page or take your time to write and post your story after reviewing ideas from reading others.  Most stories are posted and open for blog comments usually within 24-48 hours after submitting and being reviewed by the StoryTree editors.   

 Q10.  How do I pick a category to know where my story will best help people and generate feedback?

A.  Our eight Category topics are separated by story type.  Readers can also use our search features to find stories of a particular subject matter or author. Your story may very well fit into multiple categories. Use the detailed descriptions in our Categories menu to decide where is best for your story to live, grow, and stimulate feedback. StoryTree editors will also assign "tag phrases" to help readers find your story when surfing our site or the internet. 

 Q11.  Why should I connect seek Growth Partnerships with authors?

A.   Connecting with Growth Partners allows you to share further opinions, valuable information, and more details of your life experiences in a private, mutually agreed, one-on-one level. Some users simply post stories and blog publicly, while others prefer to connect privately through our request process. It's all about your own level of comfort.  

 Q12.   Will my personal information be safe with StoryTree?

A.   The personal contact information you provide for membership, donations, or story postings will be kept private. StoryTree does not collect data for resale or sharing with any third party entities. When publicly posting your story, you should use an author nickname. Using formal names, photos, email addresses, and other contact information should only be at your discretion.  You are in control of with whom and at what level to share your identity and personal contact information.  

 Q13.  What if I do find a correspondence/Growth Partner to be distasteful?

A.   StoryTree will not tolerate inappropriate language or distasteful correspondence. You may report wrongdoings by any user at any time through our Contact Us method. StoryTree will begin an immediate investigation and take the appropriate action necessary. You may also choose to disengage any relationship at your own judgement with or without reason or cause at any time. Please use discretion when sharing your personal information.

Q14.   What are legal issue should I know about in posting my story on StoryTree?

A.  StoryTree will review all stories submitted to maintain the integrity of the website, however, any information, picture, or video submitted is done so with the responsibility of our users to assure of its validity, ethical and moral content. This applies to copyright infringement, plagiarism and photography piracy. Further legal aspects associated with your StoryTree usage can be found in our Terms of Service agreement.

 Q15.   What other activities does StoryTree offer?

 A.  StoryTree offers several opportunities to participate in various contest, social events, seminars  and volunteer activities. We will notify members of such happenings from time-to-time and provide information on how to register or join in. If you would like to become a member host for a StoryTree Seminar or Social in your local area, you may write to us via our Contact Us page.

 Q16.   Can StoryTree really help my business?

A.   StoryTree does not promote nor provide means for users to directly sell products or services to other users through our website. However, Growth Partners are free to share any relevant information about companies or businesses that could guide a specific solution or service.  We do encourage you to develop relationships to your own level of comfort, which may eventually lead to referring physicians, therapists, coaches, teachers, speakers, or any event/business that may prove helpful in a particular way to others seeking such recommendations.

Q17.   How do I find answers that are not on the FAQ page?

A.   You may contact StoryTree Customer Service via our Contact Us form and we will gladly assist you.