Brenda 12/4

Dear Dad, Melinda, Lauren, Josalin, Shannon, Kendall, and Samantha,

It's still a somber day but hopefully we can celebrate her life instead of dwelling on the tragedy of her death. It is truly amazing how one person can give so much of herself in just a short time on earth that she lives continually in our hearts. By living as she did it's comforting to know that she will not only continue to influence my life, but those of my children and my children's children. Often, when I come to ethical or moral struggles that are part of everyday life, I find the path to integrity and peace by asking myself "What would Brenda do?" The answers become so simple then, don't they? Because she always did right by her fellowman. Always.

A special card or homemade basket, kneeling to give attention to a small child as the adults chat busily, slaving in the heat of the kitchen while getting our second plates before she has had her first, behind the camera rather than in the picture, decorating the holidays, the shopping and pickups and drop offs, the errands and the cleaning...I could go on and on.  She was a great sister and a wonderful person who is ever so deeply missed.

Bury your grudges, forgive your neighbor, or do something special to bring a smile today in her honor. I know your's a hard day. This is just one of those things that even time can't heal. I am so sorry. Peace to you. 

RIP Brenda Louise Saffer June 18, 1960 - December 4, 2001

Love,  "Bubba"