Musical Smile

Perched atop docile tippy toes 
soft and gracious as fresh fallen snow 
porcelain painted smile, so statuesque 
in tender twirls she pirouettes 
oblivious not a care in the world 
i used to dream of being that girl 

smiling inside that music box 
always protected by key and lock 
as if she knew secrets no one else knew 
just what went on inside that box, i hadn't a clue 
but she would always come out spinning and smile on cue 
when nobody was watching i wonder what does she do 

does the music continue to play 
does she dance and twirl and spin all day 
does she get dizzy from going round and round 
she never complained, never made a sound 
happily she could spin til the end of time 
because that song was Simply Sublime 

i would watch her move aimlessly 
in flawless circles so carefree 
i would wind it up and the song would begin 
and she would smile, and twirl and spin 
and wouldn't stop til the song did end 
in awe i would play it again and again 

and pretend that lil girl was me 
hum along as the music transport me 
to light fluffy clouds at rainbows end 
where angels played harps and violins 
on my tippy toes i did spin 
twirl and giggle, fall and grin 

then dust myself off and do it all over again 
that old music box, always stirred something majestic within 
til this very day that song still moves me 
Johann Pachelbel's Canon in D 
this was my earliest memory at 5 years of age 
of a ballerina with the whole world as her stage