What I Know For Sure...

Today (Nov 1)  is the 21st anniversary of the beginning of my mother's journey to heaven - which was a sad day for all of us.  Every year, beginning around June 1st, I get a knot in my stomach as the countdown begins. The most painful part of her death is this - thinking about how incomplete the lives of all the children in the family are for not knowing her.  Because no matter how I try to explain Mom to them - I fail miserably.  

But, this I know for sure - there is no such thing as a coincidence.  God places people in our path everyday to show us he loves us and feels our pain and he is there for us if we will reach out to him. It's up to us to recognize it for what it is.

This may seem like a small thing to you - but it was a big thing for me - and I guess this message was just for me - which is really cool! Yesterday, I worked a charity event for Habitat at the Hammock Dunes Golf Course.  We sponsored a putting contest.  David had two of our employees from the Palm Coast store sit at the putting green to greet golfers, etc.  Gina - one of the girls - has worked with us for about a year.  I've talked to her numerous times, but never really on a personal level.  She is sweet girl - but one that you have to get on to about wearing shirts that aren't stained, proper shorts, etc - you get my point.  Well yesterday we were talking and I learned that her Mom died from cancer too - very similar story to ours - only difference was her Mom died when she was in Kindergarten.  That explained a lot. Her brother has raised her since the age of 6.

After talking to Gina I thought - God you let me borrow my Mom for 22 years longer than Gina had hers. I need to be thankful for that. Because when it is all said and done people are only lent to us from God. And, no matter how bad things are for us, no matter how gloomy things look, no matter how much pain we are in, we can always find someone who has it worse than us. I had a wonderful Mom with many happy memories - something some people never ever get to experience. To know my Mom was to know complete, unconditional love.

So, today I choose to try my best to be happy and remember my Mom for what she was -  a wonderful role model, someone who loved her family with all of her heart and recognized that people, not things, are most important in life.