Drift or Paddle

Imagine you are floating in the middle of the ocean with nothing but a raft. Lets mark this as the beginning of your life. You have goals. You have big dreams that you want to fulfill in life so you begin to think of a strategy to survive. You know the direction of "home" but it must wait because right now you're trying to figure out how to survive. While putting your raft life in order though you're drifting. You have no control over where the waves are taking you, but it doesn't matter right now. Right now, you are all caught up in what you "think" is important. All the details consume you and meanwhile you're still your drifting. You have managed to create a perfect system on your home made of a raft. Things you have picked up out of the ocean while drifting, A routine that gives comfort. So now is the time. What do you do next? Do you continue drifting with the hope you will find land? What if by drifting you never find land? Will you just accept that floating aimlessly in the ocean as good enough? I mean after all you did work very hard to create something that works. It may not be what you really want but all the time spent creating it is something...right? Or will you do all you can to get yourself to home? Even if that means you need to dismantle some of what you have built to get there? The decision is always going to be yours alone. You can decide to go with the flow and hope luck is on your side or you can start paddling at least in the right direction. But one thing is for sure, the longer you drift in comfort the harder it will be to paddle out of it.