My Mother's Keeper

How is it, I've never picked a Mother's Day card? 

What life threw my way, 
But, oh so hard. 

No mom to lean on, none to hug. 

When I'm sick, how is it that I moan the word "mom"? 
When "mom" isn't and has never been. 

How is it I'm here, yet, I have no mother? 

Oh, but I do. 

And oh does she hug me so 
when I'm lonely. 
How she hears my cries no one else hears. 
She accepts me...the me no one knows. 
She has seen me at my worse and seldom at my best. 
Yet, never turned her back. 
And has yet to close a door on me. 

She's my blanket when I'm cold. 
She brings me peace when I'm troubled 
She's picks me up when I fall. 
She listens and only sends whispers from the winds. 
She lets the sunrise in my window. 
And when the sun sets, it's like fire in the sky. 

I left her years ago 
Yet she welcomed me back 
No questions asked. 
Was there for me like I never left. 

She's MY Rock; MY Strength. 

After a drunken night, she'll tuck me in under that heavy quilt with such tenderness. 
And she still wakes to drink coffee with me in the early mornin' hours. 
Without barrage. 

My soul has never been touched in such a unique way. 

So, be it a house that is my mother. 
So be it.

I couldn't ask for better.  
For she is the one that soothes my soul. 

What is it about this ole house that makes me feel this way?

So I do know what its like to be loved by a mom for I am one, too. 

It is only one thing I love more than you. 

Happy Mother's Day ye ole soul.